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While studying in Australia, if you are bringing school aged children with you, you will be required to arrange for them to attend school. The requisites for enrolling students and school fees differ across Australian states and territories, and across schools.

Here’s a summary of the fee arrangements for public schools in each of Australia’s states and territories, along with links to the relevant websites for more detailed information.


From 1 January 2016, the children of Higher Degree by Research (Masters and Doctoral) international students studying in Canberra are eligible to have their fees waived in ACT Government schools, and holders of some other temporary visas are also eligible to apply for a fee‐waiver for school aged dependants. Please see the ACT Government Education and Training Directorate(opens in a new window) website for full details on school fees, including eligibility and application criteria.


Schools fees apply to most dependants of temporary residents in New South Wales. There are some exceptions, for further information visit the DEC International website.


Dependants of Higher Education and Vocational Education and Training students are treated as international students and pay full fees. The only exceptions are dependants of Australian Aid students and some PhD home country scholarship students as agreed with Charles Darwin University. Further information can be found at the NT Department of Education website.


The Department of Education, Training and Employment offers fee exemptions for eligible dependant students of temporary visa holders whose parents are studying in Queensland tertiary institutions. This policy is available on the Education Queensland International website and it sets out the requirements for assessing eligibility for fee exemptions for dependants of temporary visa holders.


Information on school fees for dependants of international students can be found at the SA Government International Students website. The South Australian Government provides a fee waiver for dependants of Higher Degree by Research students studying at South Australian Universities who meet the necessary criteria. Further information can be found on the Children of SA Government Endorsed Scholarship Holders page on the SA Government International Students website.


Tuition fees are the same for all Victorian Government schools. There are discounts for students who have a parent studying at a Victorian tertiary institute. More details can be found at on the StudyVIC website.


Most dependent students are required to pay tuition fees to attend a Tasmanian Government School. For full information please visit the Tasmania Department of Education website,


In Western Australia children of international higher degree students are able to access subsidised schooling in government schools.  Eligible children can access government schooling at the same fee levels applied to local students.

To know more about government schooling for children of international higher degree students, visit the official website  of WA Education and Training International.