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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) - FAQ International Students

Australian education system is among the best in the world and many students across the globe choose to study in Australian universities and colleges. There are students who start from school right upto doctorate level of studies.

There are almost 565,000 international students in Australia, who contribute to the economy and support 240,000 Australian jobs as well. The students also contribute almost A$39 billion per year into the economy.

The students are usually supported by their family, through part-time/casual work or personal savings as available to sustain their and the dependent’s livelihood in Australia.

During the Covid-19 times, students are encouraged to rely on the funds that they showed as part of financials during the visa application. There is also an option for those who have been in Australia for 12 months or more.

Q. What if a student can not attend classes due to Covid - 19?

Immigration department and Government are being flexible with students’ visa conditions where they are not able to meet the requirements like attending classes.

Q. What are the working hours?

International students are allowed to work up to 40hours per fortnight during study time. However those who work in aged care and as nurses have been given extra allowances in regards to working hours to enable them to support these sectors.

Students working in major supermarkets were also given extra hours allowance to help stock up shelves but as the phases progress, the hours will be reduced to 40hours as normal.

Q. How does quarantine affect me if my classes are also starting at the same time?

Everyone entering Australia has to self-isolate for 14days and it will be best to contact the support team in your University for more information and how to sort out the enrolment. There are start date changes for many Universities and provisions to assist students who are still overseas. 

It is best to contact the University student support team for further information.

Q. How can International students get food and other necessary essential goods?

It will be best to contact student support in University or ask other students for assistance. There is option to buy food and groceries online as well, some of the major apps are –

  1. Menulog
  2. Deliveroo
  3. Uber Eats
  4. Happy Cow (vegan and vegetarian)
  5. Open table

For ordering groceries you can contact local Woolworth, Coles or IGA 

Q. What's the best way to get updates ?

The Australian Government has launched “Coronavirus Australia” which can be found in the Apple Store and Google Play to download  or access through the Government’s WhatsApp channel.

This helps to keep all updated with timely information and updated with details about development across the country in the coming months.

Q. What are the financial support options available for International students ?

The Government of Australia is giving International Students, facing financial hardships an option to access their superannuation funds if they have been in Australia for more than 12 months.  

The Universities are also offering monetary and food support for students who are facing hardships during these trying times. Around $110 Million has been set aside to help students in need. Some states have offered to give state supported Covid-19 treatment for those who need the help, others are advised to use their travel or health insurance wherever possible. 

Q. Any State Government Supports International Students?



The Government of Victoria has announced $45 million funding to support international students facing hardship during the ongoing health crisis. 

International students in Victoria can apply for a $1100 relief fund to cover their living expenses in the state.

The Government of Victoria is creating job opportunities for international students through its ‘Working for Victoria’ program. The program is designed to get people who have lost work due to the COVID-19 outbreak to get back into the workforce.


Western Australian Government supports the StudyPerth Crisis Relief initiative.

Includes: food and shopping assistance; shelter assistance; financial and legal assistance; Job Openings portal for EOI to help find new jobs.


The government of South Australia has announced a new $13.8 million fund to support international students currently in the state and facing financial hardship due to coronavirus (COVID-19).

A $500 emergency cash grant to other international students, currently enrolled in a course, living in South Australia and who meet the criteria;

A one-off $200 assistance payment per student living with South Australian families provided to homestay families.


Tasmania is providing payments for cash-strapped temporary visa holders, including international students who have been affected by the lockdown in the small state.

One-off payments of $250 for visa holders suffering financial hardship and up to $1,000 for families are part of the $3 million packages that have already been rolled out.

NTAs part of its $50 million Small Business Survival fund, the Northern Territory Government has announced that it will be utilising a significant portion of this fund towards keeping people in work who may not be eligible for the Federal Government’s JobKeeper payment, such as some casuals, recently-employed workers, and temporary visa holders, including international students.
ACTThe ACT government has committed $450,000 in emergency relief support for temporary visa holders and international students after the federal government “refused” to act.

Q. Universities Supports for International Students?


Flinders university$12.5 million to support its students which will include $1 million in support payments, up to $2000 scholarship for eligible students and a complete waiver of student services and amenities fee for all students.
La Trobe University$3000 as one off payment for students who require assistance in covering their living expenses along with a separate technological bursary.
RMITa $10 million support package for students. Students can apply for emergency financial grants and technology grants. While the former is for students who are affected by  loss of jobs and other financial issues related to covid19, the latter is to help students with their IT equipment and internet needs.
Curtin University$8 million worth of assistance package to its students. Housing support and  financial bursary is available for students who are facing difficulties at the moment.
Deakin Universityon Friday it had received over 1500 applications from students for immediate financial support, and had approved 730 so far.
Monash Universitya scheme for $500 emergency grants to students which is being implemented immediately as well as longer term support for students who need it.
James Cook Universityestablished a food pantry in Cairns and Townsville to help students with basic necessities.
Western Sydney Universitygiving current international students (who are onshore in Australia) a 10 per cent fee reduction, as well as offering other support measures.
Macquarie Universityoffering up to $1000 loans to needy students, in addition to an existing loan and grant scheme offering up to $2000.
Murdoch University$2 million assistance fund for students severely affected financially by the coronavirus and a bursary worth $25 a week to reduce food bills for international students.

Almost all Australian universities are providing financial support to international students, for the detailed information and apply conditions, please contact your university international students centre to find out.

Any support from eMigrate to International Student?

eMigrate is providing a free online assessment tool for intentional students includes:

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