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In case you don’t meet the entry requirements to join your desired course Australia, there are many ways to help you achieve your goal. You can opt to study in an Australian school, take up   a vocational education and training course, or go for English language preparation. Another option is to take up Foundation Studies, which is a set of one-year intensive preparatory courses available through the majority of institutions. These courses will offer you the skills you require to enter an undergraduate (Bachelor Degree) course.


There are a few options to get you ready for further study, in case you don’t meet academic requirements. You can enroll in secondary school or Foundation Studies, depending on your previous studies and the final qualification you want to study.

Foundation Studies is generally a one-year rigorous preparatory course that will offer you the skills you require to enter an undergraduate course at a university or higher education institution. These studies are generally divided into streams like business studies and science studies, and proffer both compulsory and elective subjects. English language support is also generally available.

Several schools, vocational education and training institutions, and universities provide Foundation Studies courses. The common trait of Foundation Studies is that a university assigns a temporary place in an undergraduate program assuming you achieve the approved grades.