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International students who complete a 2 year long qualification or qualifications (minimum length of study) in Australia, gain extra points for skilled migration and may be eligible for a Graduate Temporary Subclass 485 Visa.

Benefits of Study in Australia

The main advantages include:

  • Students can gain extra points for their studies, including:
    • 5 points for meeting the 2 year study requirement
    • 5 additional points if they complete 2 years of study in a regional area
    • 5 additional points for completing a professional year in Australia
  • Graduate Temporary Visa: Students may be eligible to apply for a Graduate Temporary Subclass 485 visa, which can last between 18 months and 4 years depending on the type of qualification completed. Full work rights can additionally allow students to generate further points for working in Australia.
  • Recognised Qualifications: Australian qualifications are more likely to be recognised for skills assessments, which are requirements for applying for Skilled Migration.
Australian Study Requirements

The main requirements for a 2 year “Australian Study Requirement” include:

  • Type of Qualification: You are required to complete a degree, diploma or trade qualification. Masters, graduate diplomas and PhDs are considered degrees, meaning they can be counted towards the 2 year study requirement.
  • CRICOS registration: The completed courses must be on the approved list of courses for international students (CRICOS). But, if your course or educational institution is deregistered prior to completion of your studies there could be issues with your registration.
  • Two Academic Years: According to the CRICOS registration of the courses, this is defined as being 92 weeks.
  • 16 Month Duration: From the beginning of the course until it’s completed, the course is required to take a minimum of 16 months worth of study in Australia.
  • English Medium: All instructions are required to be in English, as issues can arise with this requirement in the case of translation/interpreting qualifications.
  • Compliance with Visa Conditions: Study is required to be in compliance with visa conditions in order to count towards the 2-year study requirement.  If you’re studying in Australia on a student visa this will not be an issue, but an issue could arise if you are studying on a visa with restricted study rights.
Time Limit

All students looking to utilise the Graduate Temporary Subclass 485 visa needs to apply within 6 months of completing the qualification. To ensure you are prepared for your application, consider the following:

  • The completion date is not your graduation date, but the date you are notified of your final results (which may be many months after your studies have been completed).
  • Student visas will generally expire within a few weeks or months of completing your studies, meaning you will need to apply for another visa before your student visa expires. In practice, the deadline is much tighter.
  • Australian study points can be claimed even if it has been over 6 months from the date your studies had been completed.