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With world class facilities, internationally revered educators and globally recognised universities and higher education institutes, Australia is a beacon for higher learning and internationally sought after qualifications. As Australia is continually striving for educational providence, a record high rate of over half-a-million overseas students decided to complete their studies across the nation, last year.

Let’s have a look at some of the top reasons to study in Australia:

A welcoming place to live

It provides a welcoming and multicultural society with a population that originates from around 200 countries. Australian people have a reputation for being amongst the friendliest in the world, and Australian cities are safe and clean, with low crime rates.

Better value for money

Australian courses are often shorter than alternatives in other countries, particularly in the US. Most Australian bachelor degree courses can be completed in three years and even less if the education provider works on a trimester system.

High rates of employment

Australia’s strong economy and low unemployment rates mean international students who wish to work have no problems finding a job. Having over 125,000 visa applications currently approved for Employer Nominated and Skilled Temporary and Permanent Visa streams, Australia remains as a leading country for embracing skilled people across the globe to begin a new life and safeguard a prosperous future.

To take your first steps to academic excellence, before being approved for a student visa to Australia, you will need a Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) to undertake your studies in an Australian institution as an overseas student. Our experienced counsellors will guide you through the application and enrolment process to find you the most suitable course based on your eligibility, education background, ambition and financial capabilities.

As qualified migration experts and immigration law specialists, eMigrate’s knowledge, experience and expertise in international migration cases is unmatched across Australia. Knowing how stressful the visa application process can be, eMigrate’s team of migration agents will walk you through each step of the way to ensure your desire to live and study in Australia is achieved.